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1st member to sign: :iconkathrynthehedgehog: KathrynTheHedgehog :D
10th member to sign: :iconflarezi: Flarezi :D
If you wish to affiliate with us, please send us a note regarding this.
When it is decided we are affiliates, your clubs icon will be put here, and of course you will have to put our clubs icon somewhere in your club.

A club for you who love fire-pokemon in general

A club for all you pokedorks out there.
You like rapidash? Pikachu? Snorlax? or even Hypno?
Weither you like small or big pokemon, Fire or Ice etc,
this is the club for you!!

You like drifloon and/or drifblim?
Then this is the club for you!

A story based in a remote tundra where humans

are merely a legend of chaos and destruction.
Only surviving species of animals, Pokémon and
Painted Latiox live in this desolate place...

A club for everything Moltres

Eevee and eeveelutionlovers
gather here - if you feel the same
as these people do,  then this is the club for you

:iconeeveeloutions: :new:
This club is just like the above - If you adore
eevee or its evolutions, you can join and rant
all about your fave evolution or anything that has
to do with eevee and its now 7 evolutions.

:iconpokemon-directory: :new:
This is a directory to all the different pokemonclubs
out there in the big community of DeniantART.
Get your club added there, you too :D

:iconbleachpokemonfanclub: :new:
Do you love both Bleach and Pokémon?
Then this is the club for you.
And if you like only one of the mentioned,
then you are also welcome here, as long
as you don't speak ill of the fans of the other
"part" of the club.

:iconriolu-lucario-club: :new:
The club for all you Riolu
and Lucario fans out there
Welcome, all of you Fruitcakes out there, to the club created in honour of Flareon!!!

This is a club for all Flareon-lovers to gather and submit art of Flareon(s) in,
so if you feel you belong here and that you deserve the title "Flareons Fruitcake",
simply send a note saying you wish to join.

PLEASE do NOT send in questions of becoming staff members.

Right now I am able to manage the club myself, but if I ever need any help, I will state it here in thís very journal.



As with all clubs I have certain rules that EVERYONE must follow.

These are:

1. If you become a member, please watch us so that you dont miss anything

2. Please put our link/avatar in your journal or any other place so that people can find their way into our club and that you are a part of it

3 Anyone who is caught for art thievery or is causing trouble and uproars will be warned, and depending on the severity of the troubles, you will be thrown out and reported to the DA staff.

4. Have fun!

Submitting Art
Members of Honour

Don't hesitate
to send a note if there is something on your mind you want answered.
I WILL answer it as soon as we can, and if it is a frequently reocurring question we will add it to the FAQ page.

Greetings from

The person who Flareon seduced
into creating this club :XD:</b>


Avatar was made by :iconavanii:
I will put som FAQ:s here whenever there are important questions needing answers.
This is the section where the contests will be held.
All information about what theme it is, what the rules are and the entries recieved will be put here.
:iconkathrynthehedgehog: :iconl2ainbird: :iconblitzflame: :iconbribriblitz: :iconwolfxweasel: :iconfyresolareon: :iconsolong-andgoodnight: :iconanime-manga-freak: :iconmeow4me420: :iconflarezi: :iconshineymagic:

The main rules for submitting art is:

§ 1. You can submit as many pieces as you happen to like,
as long as it is YOUR OWN work.

Those who do will be warned 2 times,
the third time you are kicked out of the club as well as reported for art thievery.
Let's hope this will never happen, though :)

§ 3. Rules that goes for uploading on
DA in general goes here as well.

§4. No pornograhic or racial concepts please.
This is a club for all ages and religions, which means that a
7 year old kid can join if they wanted to,
and they shouldn't be exposed to adult-materials whatsoever.
If you send me a picture with these kinds of contents,
you will first be sent to this page, in case you missed this
which you shouldn't have cause the rules is the thing that
goes for the whole club.
Then, if this happens again, you WILL be thrown out from the club
along with getting a report to the DA-team.

§ 5. Have fun!


How to submit</u>

Okay so you might wonder HOW you submit an artwork to the club.
Simply send a NOTE with the title "ART SUBMISSION",
then either put a "thumb-link" in the message,
or an ordinary link that links to the chosen pictures.

PLEASE do NOT just write the title of the artwork
and expect me to look through your gallery
for that certain picture, because I just haven't
got the time for that - Just immagine if all member did like that;
it would take forever to put just a couple of pictures up
since I also have to copy the pics and give it the "Fav the original" frame
before I can upload them.

If you have any questions, please let us know by sending a note!